RapidRoute is a multi-stop trip planning tool. The app allows you to enter a start location, end location, and any number of intermediate stops to make on your trip. RapidRoute then calculates the shortest, optimum route for your trip, and displays that route on the map. It also displays turn-by-turn directions for your trip.

RapidRoute is great for road trips, RV travelers, sales professionals, delivery drivers, garage sale enthusiasts, and anyone that wants to make a few stops before getting to their destination. RapidRoute will always give you the shortest path to your final destination in miles or kilometers.

RapidRoute includes a variety of features such as adjusting Text Size settings, saving an unlimited number routes by name, and displaying distance in miles or kilometers.

RapidRoute is a new release. Let us know how we are doing. Your feedback is important to us.

RapidRoute is currently available in the Apple App store for both iPhone and iPad.