GAP Connections is a farmers educational organization promoting production that is competitive, sustainable, fair, compliant, and responsive to changing industry conditions and stakeholder needs. GAPConnections Grower is a secure and free service for GAP Connections Grower Members to view and use their Grower ID Card and view their education transcript.

Growers with this app can sign-in using their existing GAP Connections Grower ID number and password and display their Grower ID Card to allow scanners at GAP training events to scan their mobile device and capture their attendance. Users may also view their educational transcript, and monitor companies with whom the farmer has production contracts.

GAPConnectionsGrower was written to interface with a companion enterprise app - GAPConnectionsEvent. Users of GAPConnectionsGrower can display their grower card, which contains a QR Barcode, and the GAPConnectionsEvent app scans the QR code to register the grower at an event. Users can also view upcoming educational events, the distance to each event, get directions or navigate to the event, and put the event on their calendar.